Ray's Spelling and Word Games       "Makes teaching spelling fun"
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Top ***** rating

"Ray's Spelling and Word Games
develops reading, vocabulary, and spelling skills through three groups
of fun weekly exercises."

Multimedia spelling and word games which will:

  • help your child  get 100% in their weekly spellings!
  • improve your child's reading.
  • increase your child's vocabulary.
  • encourage your child's logical thinking.
  • encourage independent learning - your child can work on their own and save you time.

The Spelling Section provides:

  • learning, practice and test options to ensure thorough knowledge.
  • automatic retesting of words spelt wrongly.
  • an incredibly fast and easy to use interface.
  • the ability to include short phrases as well as single words.
  • online graded spelling lists to save you time.
  • the ability to enter your own spellings  - plus record and play back words within the program.
  • the ability to store multiple word lists.
  • ability to use special characters for French, German or Spanish study.

User Comment:

"WOW!!!! My daughter has been bringing home perfect tests ever since we purchased your program. What a difference it has made for her and also my husband and myself. Trying to find the time to go over her spelling lists with her was becoming a headache. Now, she can just go and do it without our help all of the time! Thank you so much!!!!" Mrs JDC (San Diego, CA)


"A great program that can be

used in conjunction with your

child's weekly spelling tests - enter

them into this program and make

words more fun to learn!"

The Word Games include:

  • a large database of words and meanings built into the program
  • the ability to add your own words/meanings.
  • a range of difficulty levels.
  • bonus games to encourage your child to play again and again.
  • an incredibly easy to use interface.
  • a bonus game to teach commonly misspelled words


User Comment:
"My son and I have been using your "trial" spelling program and I am so happy with the improvement I have seen in his spelling, it's been really quite remarkable" Alyson P (Orlando, Florida)


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Download Ray's Spelling and Word Games v3.5 trial (910kb)
(Windows 95/98/ME/NT4/2000/XP/Vista)

  Version 3.5 is a self extracting file. Just download and run "rspl3235"

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