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Q  Why can't I record sounds with my spellings?
A  Assuming that you have a working microphone, there are a number of checks to be made:

If you are having troubles recording words, it could be due to your selected recording quality, which can be changed via the main menu 'Options>sound quality'.

However, it could also be your Windows setup: Is your system set up to record sound? Test this: go to start>run>sndrec32.exe to run soundrecorder and see if it can record and playback sound. If not, your system needs to be adjusted to record sounds via: start>settings>control panel>multimedia>audio (and/or advanced>audio devices). If you still have problems, ensure that you are using v3.5 which has lots of help for setting up the program to record sound. Refer to the main help file 'Recording Words'.

Kids Tables and Time

Q  How long does it take to receive the full version after registration?
A  Normally in less than 48 hours. If you  have received nothing after 3 days,  please contact the author.

Q  Are discounts/price breaks available?
A  Only if you register Ray's Spelling and Word Games jointly together with Kids Tables and Time with a saving of US$6

Q  What is the latest version?
A  Version 3.5 is current. However please check the upgrading  page before attempting an upgrade. New features in v3.4 include improved help, more flexible use of 'Previous Spellings',  view and print test results, some minor bug fixes.

Download Ray's Spelling and Word Games  v3.5 (910kb)
(Windows 95/98/ME/NT4/2000/XP/Vista)

  Version 3.5 is a self extracting file. Just download and run "rspl3235"

If you are upgrading from a previous version  Click here first!

Download version 1.0 for older computers using Windows 3.1 (605Kb)

Version 1 must be unzipped (by Winzip, for instance). Once unzipped, run "setup".

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