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If you are a Science or Chemistry teacher you cannot afford NOT to take a look at these programs.

All can be downloaded as free trials from this site. You've got nothing to lose!!


User comment:
"I am extremly pleased with your software. I feel it the best revision software I have come across"    AL, Chemistry teacher, Salford UK

User comment:
"Thank you for a superb learning and teaching aid"
....... Dan C, Brandon Valley High School, US..

User comment:
"My daughter has gained much confidence from the chemistry programs that she is thinking of becoming a pharmacist" ... Marcia, London, UK

User comment:
"I am very impressed with your two learning programs in Chemistry
............. Once again may I say how well you have produced a much-needed learning aid." ....
Colin A  (Science Teacher, UK)

User comment:
"I found your
atoms and such software last night on the internet and
downloaded it.  What a super piece of software
.....  (Susan B, Freshman Academy, US)

User comment:
"Your programs, Atoms, Symbols, Bonding etc. ........ have been been extremely well received and we, at Appleby, have thoroughly enjoyed using it for the past few months." .....  (Cliff S, Appleby College, Ontario, Canada)

User comment:
"Many thanks for writing and sharing your excellent software ......... atoms/structure etc shareware, it is so easy for students to use and I really like the tutorial approach for flexibility of use." ..... (Kevin W, Science Teacher, UK)

User comment:
"I found your programs while surfing the internet for good chemistry sites.  We have purchased site licences for all three programs and now have students using them in class and at home.  Positive comments all round from the users!"........  (Heather E, Australia)

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