Links for Parents and Educators

Family Education Network  Helping parents get involved in their children's education

Educational Software Cooperative   The Educational Software Cooperative (ESC) is a non profit organization bringing together developers, distributors, and users of educational software. It also provides useful information and links for anyone interested in the education of their children.

The Why Files give you the science behind the news. Funded by the US National Science Foundation.

The School Page has lots of online resources and links useful for teachers and parents.

The Science Spot is the place for science teachers looking for really great ideas to use in the classroom. Inspirational!

Teaching Tips is the place for some really good ideas to inspire and support teachers.

I took a look at  Mrs Kolls Grade 1  homepage   and thought, why don't I do something like that? Use the web to help students and to link with parents. Nice!

Internet Lesson Plans 
The internet is a great resource, but how can teachers use it effectively?  Browse the web for hours/days/weeks for those great sites? Why do we always want to reinvent the wheel? Someone, somewhere has been there and done it.

Well, this is a good place to start - 100's of ready made lesson plans, organised by subject and age group with built in activities and weblinks.

So visit the Link 2 Learn activities page, part of the Pennsylvania Education Network (A State funded program).

Free Resources on the Net
Looking for free worksheets, lesson plans, webquests, then why not visit Edhelper. A great resource site.
There is nothing freaky about Freaky Freddies  site - just loads of freee stuff for everyone. 

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