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Q  Why can't I click on an answer on the right hand grid when playing the Numbers Game?
A  When playing in 'One player' mode, the right hand grid is controlled by the computer.

Q  How long does it take to receive the full version after registration?
A  Normally in less than 48 hours. If you  have received nothing after 3 days,  please contact the author.

Rays's Spelling and
Word Games

Q  Does the program take account of the skill of players?
A  Yes, v1.3 does. After winning consecutive games, the grids become progressively more challenging (though the number ranges stay the same).

Q  Are discounts/price breaks available?
A  Only if you register Kids Tables and Time jointly togrether with Ray's Spelling and Word Games with a saving of US$6

Q  What is the latest version?
A  Version 1.3 is current. To upgrade, uninstall the old version, and download and install the new one.

Download Kids Tables and Time v1.3  for
Windows 95/98/NT4/ME/2000/XP (860Kb)

This is a self extracting file. Just download and run "kttime".

Download Ray's Numbers Game v2.0 for older computers using Win 3.1 (660Kb)

Simply download and run 'numgam20'.

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