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New for 2005!   Form Tutor, Drama, Art, PE and UCAS statements.

  KS1/KS2 Statements (Elementary)

 KS 3/4 (Years 7 -11) statements 

 KS5 (Years 12/13)  

Even if your subject/age range is not present, many of these comments can easily be edited for your use.  If you do use any of the comments, please repay the compliment by emailing some of yours to me, which I will then add to this page.  I am more than happy to credit you and/or your school.

The comment files are in two formats:
Current Format: Report Assistant (tra) files: Those links in shown in bold are in the  'tra' format and can be downloaded and opened by the Report Assistant complete with grouped statements and headings.

Old Format: Plain Text files (txt): The remaining non bold comments are in  plain text format - the text will be loaded into your browser if you click on the comment -  use your browser's 'back' button to return here.  Either copy them and paste into one of the Report Assistant comment boxes (but don't forget to save) or right click on the link and select 'Save Target as' - it can then be opened by the Report Assistant in a single comment box (without headings).

Primary/Elementary Comments: up to Year 6 in the UK  (Grade 5 in the US)    

Click Here for Secondary Comments
Year 2 and Year 4 comments courtesy of Dawn Chesters
Year 2: Art DT Science Hist ICT English Maths Music RE PE Geog
Year 4: Science ICT  
Music PE

Large list of General Comments for  Foundation Level (Grades 1-2 in the US), courtesy of Judith Adelsberg.

Large list of General Comments for  Foundation Level
(Grades 1-2 in the US), courtesy of Judith Adelsberg.
KS1/2 PE, courtesy Rupert Gibson

Large list of General Comments (includes literacy, maths, science) for  Key Stage 1 (Grades 1-2 in the US).

Large list of KS1 general comments in text format (copy and paste into the Report Assistant), courtesy Judith Mabbott.

Key Stage 1 comments (Grades 1-2 in the US), courtesy of Sarah Tearle, Cheshunt, Herts:

   English and Maths    

    Variety of other subjects    

    General comments   

English comments for Year 6 (UK) (around Grades 4/5 in the US), courtesy of Alan Dapre of Nottingham:

Speaking and Listening (includes literacy hour)   




Alan uses symbols for comment types:  + is above average (approaching level 5), > are comments for the average pupil (level 4) and - for those operating below average (level 3).

Large list of General Comments for  Key Stage 2 (Grades 3-5 in the US), courtesy of Mandy Lightfoot.

More comments  for a range of subjects at Key Stage 2, courtesy of Rob Gilbey of Nottingham:


Geography       History        ICT 


     PE        RE        Science       Technology

I have to be honest - I like Rob's turn of phrase and used some of his statements for my Year 7 science class!

More comments  for a range of subjects at upper Key Stage 2, courtesy of Mark Hughes from Ilford:
   General comments       English        History    


      PE        Technology    

Art          ICT   


  Maths Top Set 

   Science      RE   

More comments  for a range of subjects at Key Stage 2 :   KS2 Art/Technology/ICT/Music


Secondary School Comments (Year 7 - 11  in the UK  - Grade 6-10  in the US)

Comments for Key Stage 3 (UK) (around Grades 5/6 in the US), courtesy of Rhoscolyn School, Anglesey:





   History and Geography 

    Art and Physical Education        

   Technology and ICT  

Year 7 Science comments - these are my own.

Comments used at Key Stage 2 and 3, courtesy David Moorse, Osborne Middle School, Isle of Wight:
     Science                   Maths                Religious Education        

Key Stage 3 Geography comments -  courtesy  John Clark, Healing Comprehensive School, Grimsby.

Science comments used at Key Stage 3and 4, courtesy Joe Burke:
     Y8 Science                   Y9 Chemistry                Y10 Physics        

Y9 Maths comments -  courtesy  Pete Garrod, made by using and adapting other comments on this page.   

Drama Comments:  Drama Progression     General Drama      Drama KS3 Levels    courtesy of Paul Mills

KS3/4 Maths comments -  courtesy  Jean Heap KS3 Physical Education -  courtesy  Piers Tolson
French comments -  courtesy  Pierre Renaud (USA)  Year 8 ICT (bias & validity unit) - courtesy John Pilkington
KS3 Art - courtesy Frances Nigogosian (a few in Welsh) Personal & Social Y10 - courtesy J Slack

Technology Comments for Yrs 11&13 (UK) (around Grades 9-12 in the US), courtesy of Brian O'Connor, West Derby Comprehensive School, Liverpool:

 "Mixed" Yr 11 Comments

"Good" Yr 11 Comments

  "Fair" Yr 11 Comments  

    "Poor" Yr 11 Comments  

  Long, individualized Yr 13 comments 

Comments Based on National Curriculum Levels of Attainment (UK):
     Science Key Stage 1           Science Key Stage 2          Science Key Stage 3    

KS4 (approx)  Form Tutor and PE comments (in text format - paste into the Report Assistant), courtesy Liz Webb

KS3/4 PE courtesy Andrew
Jones (Cheadle High)
KS4 History courtesy
Ed Waller
GCSE ICT courtesy
Liz Jordan
KS3 PE courtesy
Simon Jones

List of comments used by Bill Pearl to create IEP's for students with Special Educational Needs. The file is a plain text file; comments should be pasted into the Report Assistant.

KS5 - Years 12 and 13  Comments:

Long, individualized Technology  
 Yr 13 comments

 Y12/13 Chemistry 1 

 Y12/13 Chemistry 2  

  Y12 Psychology (courtesy Liz Brookes)  

A set of statements for UCAS reference writers (specifically maths, but could be adapted to other subjects), courtesy of Bernard Cooke.   

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