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Kids World 2000 Science   A huge variety of great science links for children.

The Why Files    The Why Files give you the science behind the news. Funded by the US National Science Foundation.

DNA Basics   The basics of DNA are explained here interactively, with text, graphics, and animations. An excellent demonstration allows students to zoom in step-by-step on the image of a hand until reaching the molecular level.

The Macrogalleria - a cyberwonderland of polymer fun  Fun yes, but also very informative. A large range of polymers, structures, properties and uses are covered in an imaginative way. Makes GCSE  and 'A' level polymer work come alive. Do visit!

Chemical Carousel - a trip round the carbon cycle  If you haven't met Captain Carbon yet you are in for a treat! Chemical Carousel is a web site designed to illustrate the nature of the carbon cycle. Lots of humour and facts!

Virtual Frog Dissection    For the less squeamish amongst you!

Bob Jacobs of  Wilton High School   has developed a very impressive site for High School Chemistry teachers.

Visit his huge list of  online Chemistry tutorials  arranged by topic as well as an array of  other useful Chemistry links.

Environment Canada site, 'Healthy Living with Sunshine'

Good, clear information about both the dangers of overexposure to the sun and depletion of the ozone layer. Excellent, student oriented site.

Chem 4 Kids  Good introduction to Chemistry basics (atoms, elements etc)  for younger children.

Stephen Lower at Dept of Chemistry, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada   Lots more Chemistry resources and links here, mostly aimed at the university community.

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Pollution and the Environment - Good sites for schools            

All about Acid Rain

US EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) Acid Rain Program

Much better than you might expect from a government site! Well worth a visit if you want to know about acid rain.

Information on the Greenhouse Effect from Planetvision

An excellent site to find out all about the Greenhouse Effect.

Atmospheric Research and Information Centre

More useful information about the Greenhouse Effect.

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