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If you are a Science or Chemistry teacher you cannot afford NOT to take a look at this program.

User comment:
"I am extremly pleased with your software. I feel it the best revision software I have come across"    AL, Chemistry teacher, Salford UK

Unique interactive Chemistry teaching software which tests students as they learn. Starting from very basic principles, the program guides students through all the concepts required for understanding and writing chemical formulae and for balancing chemical equations.

Topics covered include: atoms, elements and symbols, word equations, valency, formulas, writing chemical equations, balancing chemical equations and the formation of ions. Plus interactive simulations to teach the balancing of chemical equations and the formulas of ionic compounds.

Use it with a whole class when you can book the computer room!

Great for explaining concepts with the aid of a projector!

Also an excellent personal tutor for anyone beginning to study Chemistry. Questions constantly test understanding and hints are given where answers are wrong.

The first 4 units are targeted at Middle School, US grades 6-8, Key Stage 3 in the UK. The other 4 units are targeted at High School, US Grades 8 -10, Key Stage 4 in the UK.



"Designed in a simple yet effective

way, this program is sure to be

helpful to any pupil, however

difficult they find chemistry.

It would be particularly useful as

a revision tool in preparation for


User comments:
"Thank you for a superb learning and teaching aid" ....... Dan C, Brandon Valley High School, US...

"My daughter has gained much confidence from the chemistry programs that she is thinking of becoming a pharmacist" ... Marcia, London, UK

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Download Atoms, Symbols and Equations v4.0 (700Kb)   
(Windows 95/98/ME/NT4/2000/XP)

Designed for BOTH standalone and network use (Windows NT4/2000, Novel Netware etc).

The program is stored as a self extracting file. Download, run "chemxa.exe", and follow on screen instructions.

If you find the program useful and want to continue using it, you must register (pay for) it. When you order, you will receive a completely free bonus chemistry program, 'The Moles Tutor' .
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